viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Two weeks later

Two weeks later the town had been devastated, there is a flood of blood and mortal remains on the roads and the last survivors are cornered.

Many of us have died but now we are many more and we are full of hungry.

The next step is going to the easth, to eat some brains in the city of Barcelona.

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  1. lol thats far away from me lol... thank goodness...

  2. ya i hate the dentist too. its not that it hurts, just more of a complete sense of dread for the possible pain

  3. Thanks! I found it on some website, i forget which one. Where did you get your picture?

  4. I need to get my BFG out of my storage. :D

  5. zombies are awesome. i wish they came to my house

  6. Thankys!

    I hope you had a fantastic valentines day!

    When are you gonna update your blog? :'(

    I've been busy the past 2 days, workin on stuff, so I havent updated mine as often recently either :X